• Anti-sexual Harassment Institution On Campus :

     An institutional,

    creative and

    systematic solution


    Solve campus sexual harassment by promoting institutional reform and effective education

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    What is "X(Sex)-Rights"?


    The Rights to X(Sex)

    The Correct "X(Sex)"


    EnGender 后生价值
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    What is our community for ?

    We hope to build a community in which people establish an anti-sexual harassment institution in their schools can share our experience together. Through this, we hope to expand the initiative to more schools, and also refine our institutions in the practical dimensions.

    However we do understand that it’s a long way to go. In this stage we will try to provide as much help as possible to support students that hope to establish an institution. In the long run, we hope that the community can be a platform to improve our institutions.


    Where to join our community ?

    If you are interested in meeting people who made this toolkit, and many other similarly enthusiastic people from all over the country about the same mission, please subscribe to the following WeChat Account! We will update information about the community!

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