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    Training programs of the committee

    A responsible committee should go through some training sessions to ensure members investigate professionally. This page provides some guides for designing or finding training programs for the committee.


    How should I apply?

    • [ ] The following are recommendations of the training programs as well as notes on the definition of sexual harassment debate.
    • [ ] We recommend that you eitehr use the source provided for education, or find alternative credible sources to train the committee before they conduct any investigations or decision-making.
    • [ ] We strongly recommend that you give the definition debate section a thorough reading as that is vitally important to the functioning of the institution.

    Recommended training program

    The following is one of the current training program available: NSPCC(UK):

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    It costs $35 per person, and provides guidance in all four UK nations stresses the importance of providing an effective response to harmful sexual behavior. We find this program through Internet researches, so you may also find high-quality training programs that you find are more suitable.


    Definition of sexual harassment: debates

    Within the training, members in the committee are highly recommended to understand the following concepts related to sexual harassment in the following text:


    Definition of sexual harassment: debates



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